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Stomach Pain Treatment

What is stomach pain?

Plainly put, stomach pain is pain that occurs in the general tummy area or the area between the chest and the pelvic region.

Stomach pains can occur in the form of cramps, a dull ache, or sharp pain.

Stomach pains usually disappear on their own and are not serious. However, if the stomach pain is severe and chronic then it is a cause for concern and needs to be diagnosed by a doctor.

What common symptoms accompany stomach pain?

The common symptoms that usually accompany stomach pain are:
• Flatulence (passing of gas)
• Belching
• Indigestion
• Discomfort in the upper left or right; middle; or lower left or right abdomen
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Heartburn
• Chest discomfort

What are the potential causes of stomach pain?

In general usual stomach pains are caused by:

• Pre-menstrual syndrome
• Menstruation cramps in women
• Indigestion
• Stomach infection such as Gastroenteritis or stomach flu
• Gas
• Gastritis
• Acidity
• Constipation
• Food allergies or intolerances
• Food poisoning

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